Monday, October 18

Harvest 2010

Here we are at another harvest Festival at Billy Bray's Chapel. I should have taken a photo of all the apples stuck on to the ledges with blue tac! There must have been at least 100 I used a whole packet of blue tac and you know how mean I am with it!
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Friday, January 29

Aims and objectives achieved!

Arrived home again at 11.15pm this evening after a v. exciting day being as varied as standing on a pile of snow at St. Fagan's to sitting on the stairs at Wyvern ...... struggling with purchases at Ikea to seeing a reconstructed Welsh pre-reformation Church! .... inspecting and buying just a few pieces of material for patchwork at Busy Bees to seeing the most exquiste straw hat in the Costume museum. Many thanks to Frances for a very happy and varied day.

Friday, October 16

Gold and blue .. 2 days left!

I have spent yet another fruitless half and hour endeavouring to up load the photograph ... the painting at the Chapel continues and in reality there is only one day left before the decorating starts for the Harvest Festival .. nobody will be keen on wet paint! So tomorrow ...
This afternoon I visited Twelveheads Chapel Fellowship to give a talk on Henry Martyn .. I have a new pop up poster banner which is very effective and I think I will take it with me to Stithians when I preach there on Sunday morning.

Wednesday, October 14

Blue and gold now being tackled!

Quite impossible to print photograph. I have struggled for more than half and hour. Why does it work sometimes and not others? Painting has to be completed by the Harvest Festival service on Sunday.

Monday, October 12

For progress see Billy Bray's blog

All my spare time is spent at Billy Bray's Chapel endeavouring to complete the painting before Sunday. .. that iswhen I am not sitting outside my Shed in the sunshine pretending I have not anything to do!

Painting by committee!

Progress is being made in the painting of the pulpit. I commit about one and half hours each day. I find it so much easier when the sun is shining.
I have reached the point when the gold bands have to be painted on the spindles. I rather foolishly bought three pots of gold paint. .. gold ... light gold and titanium gold. With all the three "helpers" who came through the door this afternoon I now have 9 spindles all with different colours of gold!
As soon as the decision is made I shall have to paint them all white and start again! ... Harvest Festival is on Sunday afternoon .. so there is not much time!..a photograph will be available Tuesday or Wednesday so watch this space!

Wednesday, August 5

Peter clearing up the mess!

This was the first day of serious painting. Gerald painted the back wall and Peter filled in the cracks ... after that we opened the door Under the pulpit and retrieved 1--2 sacks of rubbish - a real "spring clean" in the middle of a rainy summer. Meanwhile I started painting the undercroft which will require a further coat of paint on Thursday.
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Monday, August 3

Paint colours agreed - painting commences at 9.15 Tuesday. 4th August,200

So tomorrow clothed in my painting smock - paint brush in hand I start painting the pulpit - working from the top to the bottom. I look forward to partakers of coffee and tea at 11.0 am!