Wednesday, May 29

Chapel Anniversary, 2nd June 2019, 2.30pm

This is just to let you know that our Chapel Anniversary Service for 2019 is at 2.30pm on Sunday 2nd June.   We look forward to welcoming those of you who are able and would like to come.   The preacher this year is Mr.Paul Langford from Lanner, and the Vocal Soloist is Mrs Sue Lancaster. 

Saturday, April 13

Date of 2019 daily opening of Billy Bray's Chapel - 28th April, 2019

On the 28th April, 2019 the Trustees will be opening Billy Bray's Chapel between 10am and just before dusk.  We shall be placing the OPEN sign on the roadside and do hope you will park your car in our car park and spend a little while in the Chapel.

2019 Events at Billy Bray Chapel, Kerley Downs

28th April 2019 - Spring Service, 2.30pm. Preacher: Mrs Pat Congdon at Billy Bray's  Chapel, Kerley Downs

2nd May 2019 - Billy Bray Anniversary Service, 2.30pm. Preacher: Mr Paul Langford

20th October 2019 - Harvest Festival Service, 2.30pm. Preacher: The Chairman of the District, The Rev Steve Wild

TBC early December , Christmas Concert

Tuesday 31st December 2019 - Watchnight Service at 11.30pm