Saturday, May 29

Service Friday 4th June 2021 - Billy Bray's Chapel, Kerley Downs, Cornwall

Hello to the Friends and Supporters of Billy Bray's Chapel 

During the epidemic the Chapel at Kerley Downs has been closed for over eighteen months in accordance with most other places of worship.  We are pleased to announce however that on Friday the 4th June at 7.30pm we are hosting a Special Service at the chapel which will be conducted by the Revd Richard Teal President of the Methodist Conference (2021) to which we understand he is very much looking forward and to which you are all very welcome.  However prevailing Covid restrictions will have to be adhered to so if you wish to attend please get there in good time.   The Service will include the presentation of a 'Tea Pot'' to the Trust which belonged to a Mrs Harvey of Penzance and from which she served Billy Bray on his visits to her house. It has been in the Harvey  family ever since and they now kindly wish it to be presented to the chapel.

We look forward to welcoming all of you who wish and are able to attend 

 Clive Buckingham

(Secretary to the Billy Bray Memorial Trust)