Biography of Billy Bray

William 'Billy' Trewartha Bray was born 1st June 1794, in Twelveheads in the parish of Kea, in Cornwall. He was a tin miner and lived almost all his life in Cornwall, except for a seven years when he worked in Devon. In 1821, he married Johanna, with whom he had several children.Whilst working in Devon he claimed 'I became the companion of drunkards, and during that time I was very near hell'. He returned to Cornwall a drunkard, spending all the money he had on ale, rather than to feed his wife and children.
In November 1823, he happened to read John Bunyan's book 'Visions of Heaven and Hell' and from that time he had a desire to improve his life. He became a Christian and started to live by his faith. He became a man of prayer and worship and to this end he built three chapels, Bethel, Kerley Downs and Great Deliverance.
He died on 25th May 1868 and his grave can be found at Baldhu Church.
More information about the history of Billy Bray can be found in "I Can't Help Praising the Lord!" by F.W.Bourne.
History of Three Eyes Chapel, Kerley Downs

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